56 lbs to go! Make me thin
I just cry a lot


Lacking Motivation

I’m really struggling I just want to eat normal foods again and masses of it. Even the thinspo pictures aren’t helping me.

Can someone suggest something to get me motivated please!!!!!

Can anything make me beautiful?
Day 2 Cambridge Diet

Ok so day 2 has actually been alright. Don’t get me wrong I’ve pretty much thought about food all day. I’d love a burger or chicken wrap right now but I have to think of the end goal. One day I want to be able to get up put something on and not wonder if it’s going to fit or look stupid.

I’m feeling pretty tired and bored. I did walk to and from work today which is another step in the right direction.

I do wish I had someone to talk to and spur me on though :( x

Day 1 Cambridge Diet

Ok ok so I fell off the wagon completely! This time last year I was 24 pounds lighter than I am now. Just writing that makes me feel ill, how on earth do I ever let it get so bad!

Anyway today I have started the Cambridge diet. I chose this because I just don’t want to risk the temptation of food. I’m not going to lie, the lure of fast weight loss was also a massive incentive!

So today wasn’t as hideous as it could have been. Original porridge for breakfast was much better than expected, cappuccino shake for lunch was almost yum, dinners spicy tomato soup was vile! The comment I will make is that everything tastes of sweetener which I find rather unpleasant. The soup was so sweet I nearly couldn’t drink it!

Anyway I’m feeling quite upbeat if not a little moody. I know tomorrow is going to be really hard but I just want to be thin so badly.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time I might actually make it.

Please everyone keep hoping for me, I need all the help I can get.

212 pounds booooo

I’m back!

So I haven’t been on here for ages now, more than 6 months!

Im ashamed as all the weight I lost last year I have put back on, that’s nearly 3 stone. Its weird how you don’t notice the effects till you start being honest with yourself.

I’m literally fucking miserable right now. I don’t wanna go out, work stresses me out, I feel like everyone’s always looking at me, I can’t get in any of my clothes. Literally im sure this is all from being a fat arse!

Tuesday I am back to the gym and back on the eating plan! My plan is to get as thin as I can do that in December I can get my tattoo finished and get some more to try and make be beautiful.

Over and out for now! I’ll be back Tuesday morning with my first weigh in stats xxx

Feeling very low right now. Why can’t life be like Twilight

I had to have a tooth out at the dentist today and another one tomorrow! You can’t exercise for 24 hours and I’m working from really early to really late Saturday!NO GYM FOR 4 DAYS! It’s going to kill me! Don’t they know it’s less than 3 weeks till my holiday! I’m going to swim the next 2 mornings, if I can’t cardio I have to do something! Dropping the calorie intake to 500 till normal service is resumed!

The more I exercise the fatter I feel, how does that work?!?!

Just went to a step class for the first time in nearly three years and it was just hideous. Trying to pick up a routine everyone else has been doing for three months whilst staring at a disgustingly fat body (mine) in the mirror was just heartbreaking. 30 minutes in I was struggling to hold back the tears. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be going back next week but that class coupled with barely any food has broken me today =(

Why is food (mainly chocolate) all that I think about????????